Our Mission & Vision

Creating A Safe Environment For Refugee Women To Build And Strengthen Their Role As Leaders And Pave The Way For Change In Their Communities.

Women continue to face social, cultural, and economic barriers to equality throughout the world.

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Of women receive lower wages than men, even when they work similar hours.
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Of refugee women face discriminatory norms, regulatory and administrative barriers to work legally.
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Of refugees who are internally displaced or stateless are women and girls.

Global force displacement...

When crises strike, gender inequalities are often exacerbated. Let's take a look at some of the impacts.

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Join our mission to send the message to all female refugees that:

Their lives have purpose

Their stories are important

Their dreams count

Their voices matter

That they were born to make an impact in this world.

When women can use their power, they reinvest it in their familes, their communities, and their countries to make the whole world better - for everyone.

Women are vital leaders and core contributors to refugee communities. Female access to educational, health, and professional resources is a vital condition of collective growth.

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