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Services We Provide

Creating a safe environment for refugee women to build and strengthen their role as leaders and pave the way for change in their communities.

Educational Assistance and Career Coaching

Education is vital to women empowerment because it permits them to respond to life's challenges, to question traditional roles, and to alter the course of their lives. We assign high priority to education of women refugees by providing them financial support and resources. F.R.E.E. offers scholarships and financial assistance for female refugees who pursue college education, vocational training, driver’s education, adult education, and language development.


Safe transportation is vital for women and girls especially in areas where public transportation is scarce. Key variables in transportation for women are affordability, availability, and accessibility. We will provide female refugees donated vehicles, bicycles, bus vouchers, or assistance with costs related to Uber or Lyft.

Entrepreneurial Support

Helping female refugee entrepreneurs with basic access to financial capital and business skills to rebuild their lives and to become transformative force in their communities.

Other Needs

FREE provides resources to female refugees by partnering with other organizations to assist with legal immigration support, housing, and domestic violence resources. We seek to advance the rights of women and girls through advocacy, litigation, and legal guidance.

Mental Health & Trauma

Due to displacement and other circumstances, refugees may experience high rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Providing resources for mental health awareness can help curve the negative impact to pursuing educational, familial and professional goals. FREE focuses on approaches which seek to holistically understand a person’s life in order to provide trauma-informed care. We aim to sustain a person's meaningful path of personal growth, and create sensitive mental-health systems which enable a community to thrive.

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