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Female Refugee Education Empowerment (F.R.E.E.) aims to empower female refugees through a multi-system approach, such as providing financial resources to pursue various forms of education, seeking to alleviate or eliminate challenges around access to reliable transportation , and assisting with the unique costs of starting a new business. Female  refugees have much to offer their communities, and require your help to feel empowered and reach their potential. Oftentimes, various circumstances make it even more difficult to pursue an education. Female Refugees are often faced with legal hurdles surrounding status, the possibility of domestic violence, and the absence of mental health awareness. Female Refugee Education Empowerment, through engagement with reputable community partnerships, will be able to offer women and their families with resources to help enable them to initiate and continue their pursuit of an education, with the goal that we help them strengthen their roles as leaders in their communities. The safety and productivity of women lead to better family outcomes. F.R.E.E. hopes that our impact is generational, and that Refugee women succeed despite the emotional, psychological and financial impacts of displacement. Integration and empowerment through education is the core value of our organization.

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